Our Children, Our Culture, Our Food

Our Children, Our Culture, Our Food

Why an International Cookbook? 

cookbook_cover.pngYour purchase of this cookbook will allow you to take a virtual trip, if only for a few hours, to an international destination of your choice. While there we'll show you how to create the daily foods from the home countries represented by the students, families, and staff of the Fletcher Maynard Academy. The school is public and is located in Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA, a city that is home to a large number of immigrants, including international students studying at MIT and Harvard. As a result we are an international school by default to students from 42 countries.
There are more than 52 recipes in this book organized by geographic region rather than by course type. We did it this way to emphasize the rich cultural variation that is the FMA. This cookbook contains enough recipes for you to make at least one new dish per week - a manageable number of recipes for both the novice chef and the intrepid adventurer.
As you make, eat, and enjoy the dishes contained in these recipes, we invite you to visit the online tour in Google Tour Builder. I highly recommend using the "street view" function to see up close what the home countries actually look like. If you are like me, some of your preconceived notions of what a "foreign" country is supposed to look like will be challenged. For more information about the tour and other online resources please visit the PTO website.
Most importantly, profits from the sale of this book will go to support FMA's annual international trip. This year a group of students, staff, and parents will go to Senegal in April 2014. Contrary to what you might think, the FMA is not rich. The students, families, and faculty have to raise enough money through grassroots fund-raising, outside donors, and now, a cookbook, in order to make these trips possible.
Eat food, explore global cultures, and support the next generation of global citizens. What more can we ask? Bon apeti! Buen provecho! Itadakimasu! Smačnoho! Dig in!
Fletcher Maynard Academy Parent Teacher Organization

Cost: Pre-order your copy today for $10. All profits support the Fletcher Maynard Academy's annual international trip. This year a group of students and staff will travel to Senegal in April 2014.

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More Information
For more information about the FMA Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) call 857.253.8750 or email us.